Month: April 2018

Writers, Researchers and Reviewers WANTED

A wise woman said, “If you’ve ever jacked off… …to pictures of me on the web… …You Owe Me a Gift!” Now, someone needs to find out who that woman is. And then set my old ass straight, regarding my flashing the Yellowcard for false advertising, Anyway Pumpkin… …So, to remedy that little hiccup in my plan, we’re going to… Read more →

If I could. An open letter to Minoru Yamasaki

Dear Mr. Yamasaki, because I love your work that much, I emptied trash cans in your studio, while the woman that got me the job cleaning offices for her father, fucked my new ex-girlfriend, in the men’s toilet of your Troy office. Had I known what people have allowed to happen to your expressions, your studies, drawings, plans… …Your buildings!… Read more →

How will subspace social club be funded?

Member income funds social clubs. This can be in the form of membership fees, dues, or assessments. However, 501(c)(7) organization may receive up to 35 percent of its gross receipts, including investment income, from sources outside of its membership without losing its tax-exempt status. No more than 15 percent of the amount may be derived from use of the club’s… Read more →

Rinako is to Lee Holloway what…

Ms. Chickee is to Umm… …The last woman I dated. (Sun, what’s her name?) I know I’m a damned Sapio-Sexual. I really do have a thing for brilliant women. Being for the most part sexually attracted to the mind first, doesn’t exclude the tactile, visual or any other sensory aspect of a person. Ass still gets my attention (Umm’s ass got… Read more →

What is a 501 (c) 7 SOCIAL CLUB?

SOCIAL CLUB – IRC 501(c)(7) by Jim Langley and Conrad Rosenberg 1. Introduction Social clubs are exempt from federal income tax under IRC 501(a) as organizations described in IRC 501(c)(7) if they are “organized for pleasure, recreation, and other nonprofitable purposes.” They were originally granted exemption from federal income tax in the Revenue Act of 1916. Generally, social clubs are membership organizations primarily… Read more →

Your new site

Welcome to subspace the invitation only Sapio-Sexual Afro Futurist Mommy Porn community behind the ShinyThings shopping club. the subspace social club of Detroit, Michigan subspace, as dictated by IRS code 501(c)7, is a service oriented social club, designed, constructed, managed and dedicated to the practice, education, presentation and preservation of aesthetically pleasing, safe, sane, consensual and healthy erotic explorations inside of the… Read more →