Rinako is to Lee Holloway what…

Ms. Chickee is to Umm…

…The last woman I dated. (Sun, what’s her name?)

I know I’m a damned Sapio-Sexual. I really do have a thing for brilliant women.

Being for the most part sexually attracted to the mind first, doesn’t exclude the tactile, visual or any other sensory aspect of a person. Ass still gets my attention (Umm’s ass got caught up. She was lovin’ the sex, cuz she loves sex), but the articulation of what’s going on between a woman’s ears is far more interesting to me than most things.

Dorei (original title)

I mean, I can talk about the cinematography, theme, treatment, you know blah blah blah.

I have this movie in my collection.

The Slave New Tokyo Decadence (2007) 

A secretary is introduced to the world of BDSM by her boss. She becomes his personal slave as they take a walk on the wild side of experimentations. This film is based on main actress, Rinako Hirasawa’s personal experiences.

This movie has some truly beautiful scenes.

I promise IMDB’s review of the story is just as cute.


read more at wikipedia Secretary is cute and kinky. Compared to The Slave it’s Disney-esq bdsm and shit.

Plus, I’ve already lived out Grey’s nightmare.

Being topped from the bottom is a challenge and a half.


The hang up with me is, I’m willing to dabble in the “cosplay tourist” – bdsm kink world for a minute, then it’s time to commit and go deep or go the fuck home.

I go the fuck home a lot.

Like investing in technologies like crypto-currencies and blockchains, going deep should require conversations, well thought out writings, agreements, preparation, a lot of reading and some fucking discipline!

I’ve lived through the life cycles of a few very notable digital currencies and had a bad experience with an early promoter / pimp of bitcoin, Mike C, a classic charismatic dickweed opportunist.

Who never once said the magic words, “You should read the White Paper.”




Natalie introduced me to the “Proof of Brain.” concept some years ago, when, like now, I wasn’t in the state of mind to enjoy the act of reading for pleasure.

The original subject of my very first openly expressed nerdy girl on the radio crush.

The incomparable magnanimous Ms. Chickee was on a desk in the little room at the top of the stairs writing and tapping into a computer at the same time, saying all matter of factually kind of shit and, “You should think about putting your writings on the blockchain.”

To which I reply, “Damn it! I remember the first time I realized that the adorably fiesty really cute lady in the white Cabrio was, in deed the same quirky, occasionally spitting computer code over the Canadian radio air waves voice that I wanted to awaken with… oh never mind! And is to some degree, You. Whoa Msssss. Chickee.

Please allow me melt into a puddle of worship to your temporal fineness, before I recoup and ask you what the fuck is a blockchain?

She finally turned in her chain and said something to the effect of, “Oh Hi. I didn’t know anyone was actually paying any attention. Yeah, so…

…Hello.” While handing me the paper on “Proof of Brain” and saying with that voice like a two person bunny hug on a cold Spring morning. “You should read this. It’s the future Man… Hey! How are you.”

So, now all these years later, I’m working to build the infrastructure for a social club on a blockchain and my inner pimp, preacher, capitalist is saying, “dumb it down as far as you can, let the machines do the work and just get paid. But my inner Dom, kinky ol’ freaky ol’ geechy-ass says, “Get yo’ freak on! Make them think! Proof of Brain is good for us all. Have some damned fun.



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