Writers, Researchers and Reviewers WANTED

A wise woman said,

“If you’ve ever jacked off…

…to pictures of me on the web…

…You Owe Me a Gift!”

Now, someone needs to find out who that woman is.

And then set my old ass straight, regarding my flashing the Yellowcard for

false advertising,

Anyway Pumpkin…

…So, to remedy that little hiccup in my plan, we’re going to use Steemit and Steem technology to support writers for their contributions.

I’m going to use the term Proof of Brain a lot for a while. Because the human mind when exercised and disciplined is one super sexy organ.




The reason for choosing the kink world was simple.

As many fuckin’ sex toys as there are out there, there are so few easy to access, well written accounts of what the end user consumer’s experiences are regarding all those toys and kinks. Especially from women of color. Which is some complete bullshit, because a lot of ya’ll fuckin’.

Which means:

1.) Your sex is boring and nothing to write home about.

a.) It may be good enough for discussion at the barbershop, locker room or street corner, but it ain’t good enough for Kindle or a book.

b.) Don’t nobody in yo set read. So, what’s the point?

2.) Your power alignment is off and you keep missing the lesson of why you’re always falling for “Their Types”

3.) You’re caught up in reacting to what you’re experiencing. So, for the most part what someone else experiences is a chance thing, based on ego and hope. Pussy owners don’t need control or discipline. It just do what it do.

4.) The reason they always want their dicks in your mouth is because you have no words they want to hear.  

So, I ask questions and I reward well thought out answers. Like college, only this actually pays your to seek out your happiness and knowledge of self.

Okay most of you all are just common garden tools, but some of ya’ll doing some genuinely artistically kinky shit or better still some genuinely loving healing arts thing going on that’s worthy of notoriety and support.

It would be smart to encourage your patron base to write testimonials about your product or service.

It would also be smart to be paid to write about your experiences and attach them to stuff you would recommend for others to enjoy.


So, if the idea of your expressed thoughts being the patent product of your brain’s corporation sounds interesting. Let’s talk.



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